Purchase energy-efficient products that have an A, A+, A++ or A+++ label

The sections on domestic electronics and multimedia on the website www.energievreters.be allow you to evaluate the energy consumption of your current device or choose a new efficient device and determine how much you save.

Purchase household appliances with the EU ecolabel

Did you know there are televisions, PCs and portable computers with the EU ecolabel? These devices consume less electricity and are more beneficial for you and for the environment.

Purchase devices that meet your needs

If you have a lot of laundry, it is useful to invest in an A-label washing machine with a large drum that you fill completely. If you purchase a smaller machine, you will have to do your laundry in 2 times which is less efficient. But make sure you do not buy a washing machine that is too large. If you do not fill the machine completely, large washing machines with the A-label can consume more energy for the same amount of laundry than smaller washing machines with the B-label.
Check on the energy label what the capacity is of the washing machine and what the annual energy consumption is. This is what your energy supplier bills you eventually. Always weigh all aspects carefully before making a purchase:
• Do I still need a large deep-freezer since the children are out of the house?
• Do I need a drier?
• Is it necessary to replace my television now already?

Use your domestic appliances correctly and carefully

Even an energy-efficient device can consume an unnecessarily large amount of energy. Do you read the energy-saving maintenance tips in the user manual? Did you already try to use the vacuum cleaner at a lower setting?

Keep an eye on the standby power consumption because you can cut your consumption costs in half

Do not leave devices on unnecessarily. Avoid the standby mode where possible. Program devices so that they turn off automatically. The standby power consumption of many devices causes them to use as much energy in the long period during which they are not used or are in standby mode as the moments at which they are actually used.
• Can't you turn off the television if you are not watching TV?
• Switch off the coffee maker when you are finished.
• You can switch on the printer and scanner when you need them?
• Devices that you no longer use should be disconnected from the outlet

Participate in separate waste collection

You can leave your old devices behind in the store where you purchase a new device or you can go to your container park. Belgium has a take-back obligation for electrical and electronic equipment. If your device still works, you can have it picked up by a thrift store in your area.