You will either receive a positive letter with a copy of the requested environmental information. 

Or you will receive a negative letter for the following reasons:

  • the information you are requesting does not exist.
  • we do not physically have the information. If we know the authority that has it, we will transfer the application to that authority for processing.
  • the request is too vague, for example: "to have information on climate change". Please specify or complete the request as soon as possible and re-submit it.
  • The request is abusive, for example: "to request all international, European and federal environmental legislation".
  • the information is incomplete or in the process of being developed, and disclosure may lead to misunderstandings. We will mention the environmental authority that is responsible for the completion of the requested environmental information and the estimated time frame for its completion.
  • We may not disclose the information requested for reasons related to interests deemed to be over-riding: commercial confidentiality, public safety, environmental protection (e.g. bird nesting sites), etc.

Or you will receive a partially positive letter if we judge that only part of the information can be disseminated; this will be explained in the letter.
For the receipt of the requested documents, a fee is charged from the 51st page onwards (see Royal Decree of 17 August 2007).   

You also have the right to appeal against our reply.