The Federal Environmental Inspection intervenes in the event of:

Finally, the Federal Environmental Inspection takes the necessary initiatives and inspection measures when it receives a complaint, for example via the Service Center Health.

The campaigns

The inspections which are carried out within the framework of a campaign, relate to specific domains and take place during a predetermined period. A campaign can continue from one year to the next as long as the results of the controls are not good.

These campaigns are recorded in a yearly inspection plan.

RAPEX notifications

The Federal Environmental Inspection will also carry out an inspection when they receive a RAPEX report through the Belgian RAPEX point of contact, that is the Central Contact Point for Products (in FR or NL) of the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy.

A RAPEX report (“rapid alert” - in FR or NL) is a report within the framework of the European alarm system, which becomes operative when a hazardous product (except foods, pharmaceuticals and medical devices) is found on the European market.

Routine checks

In 2018, routine checks on biocide products focused on goods sold in supermarkets, DIY stores, discount stores, and specialist stores. The head offices of several suppliers and wholesalers were also inspected.

The checks aimed to:

  • Verify compliance with legislation on biocide products;
  • Move up the chain to find the organisation responsible for placing non-conform products on the Belgian market;
  • Impose a sanction according to the position in the supply chain;
  • Take the necessary measures for public health and the environment.

Throughout 2018, the Federal Environmental Inspection visited 676 enterprises. Out of these 676 enterprises, 180 were in violation of the law, namely 27 %. 144 warnings were issued and 36 statements of offence were drafted.