The goal of this working group is to develop an e-learning platform in order to supply doctors, nurses and midwives with an online training. PPT presentations have been designed as basis for the e-learning. The following modules have been prepared:


Module 1 – Organising transfusion in Belgium

Module 2 – The transfusion chain: from donor to recipient

Module 3 – Description of blood components

Module 4 – Indications after blood transfusion

Module 5 – Storing and transporting blood components

Module 6 – Collecting blood samples for transfusion

Module 7 – Compatibility rules and tests

Module 8 – Administration of the transfusion

Module 9 – Acute reactions to transfusion

Module 10 – Deferred reactions to transfusion

Module 11 – Transfusion incidents

Module 12 – Emergency transfusion and optimal use of 'O' blood

Module 13 – Neonatal and paediatric transfusion


These modules are only available in French and in Dutch.
You can already find the French and Dutch language versions of the PPT presentations of the various modules. The e-learning platform will be soon available.