Regulation (EU) No 1143/2014 provides for the establishment of a list of invasive alien species of concern for the European Union. This list is adaptable. It must be completed regularly to reflect the emergence of new problematic species in the Union.

New obligations for Member States

The regulation imposes a series of new obligations on Member States.

They are tasked with the following actions for every species included on the list:

  • Prohibition of their import and sale;
  • Prohibition of their keeping and breeding;
  • Prohibition of their introduction into nature.

In addition, the Member States are also tasked with taking measures targeting the species included on the list in order to:

  • put in place action plans intended to limit their introduction and accidental spread;
  • watch over the evolution of their presence on national territory;
  • manage the populations present on the territory according to the level of invasion (rapid eradication measures for new emerging species, confinement and limitation measures for those more widely spread, etc.)

Implementation in Belgium

The implementation of the regulation involves the intervention of the Federal level and the Regions (Wallonia, Flanders - INBO and LNE - , Brussels).

  • The Regions are competent for the sale, keeping and possible elimination of the destructive species for the regional environment. These competences concern terrestrial, fresh water or estuary species located on their territory.
  • The Federal level is competent for the import, export and transit of non-indigenous species as well as for the marine species in the North Sea.