In October 2006, in order to increase the participation of "acute care" hospitals in the detection, management and notification of potential donors at reference transplant centres, the GIFT Project was launched via the country's acute care hospitals by means of a call for collaboration.

Launched in 2006, this project aimed to:

  • improve the detection of donors in intensive care units through the setting up of local donation coordination and the use of an international "Donor Action" programme,
  • assess the results with a view to creating a potential donor detection model which could be rolled out at all acute care hospitals,
  • increase the number of donors procured in Belgium.

    To that end, the setting up of an organisation for the detection and management of organ donors was proposed on a national level in order to ensure quicker access to transplants for patients on the transplant waiting list.

The GIFT Project was also integrated into the philosophy of the Action Plan and the European Directive adopted in August 2010.

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