The Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment was set up in 2001. Its competencies were transferred from :

  • the former Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Environment
  • the regionalized Ministry of Agriculture

The following scientific establishments are linked to the FPS and carry out research into policy-supporting matters or issue advisory reports :

  • Sciensano, Federal Research Centre
  • SHC, Superior Health Council

The Federal Agency for Food Chain Security is responsible for all verifications with regard to food safety.

Our Policy Domains

Our mission

As a well-trained and highly motivated team, we develop a transparent, dynamic and scientifically founded policy in order to secure, now and in the future, a high-quality health, a healthy nutrition and a better environment, in co-operation with relevant partners.

Our Values


“Together with our partners, we make efforts to strike a balance between the social, ecological and economic dimensions of our activities, for the parties concerned as well as for present and future generations”.

Customer focus

“By entering into dialogue with both our internal and external customers, we get to know their needs and logic and we are able to address them in an objective, transparent, qualitative, efficient and fair way”.


“In our network we are continuously open to new ideas and technologies and we bring new ones in order to work together for a modern public service”.

Making room for talents

“Making the most of every talent by giving and taking opportunities in a spirit of mutual trust”.

Together in respect

“Building a respectful way of working together by thinking out of the box, by seeing diversity as an opportunity and by promoting the added value of the common mission”.


“We are credible colleagues, partners and/or service providers as, starting from a common interest in our organization, we take responsibility for our actions and the consequences thereof for others”.

Our ministers